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Product name
Properties / usage
PolymerMetal with the widest range of application for repairs and maintenance of all metals and alloys
MM-metal SS-steelceramic with Hardener yellow
PolymerMetal with easy processing and extreme short full curing
MM-metal SQ with Hardener SQ
PolymerMetal as high quality material with best technical data
MM-metal SS-steel 382 with Hardener yellow
PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of steel and iron
MM-metal SS-steel with Hardener yellow
PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of aluminium
MM-metal SS-aluminium with Hardener yellow
PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of copper
MM-metal SS-copper with Hardener yellow
PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of bronze
MM-metal SS-bronze with Hardener yellow
PolymerMetal for repairs and maintenance of oily, greasy or fuel contaminated metals and alloys
MM-metal oL-steelceramic with Hardener yellow
PolymerMetal for repairs under water or on wet metal surfaces
MM-metal UW with Hardener UW
Polymer-Ceramic with maximum wear resistance against continuing material loss on metallic surfaces
Ceramium with Hardener CE
Polymer-Ceramic with good wear resistance and high chemical resistance

* Product currently not available

Ceramium CH with Hardener CH
Two-component construction adhesive for high-strength bonding
XETEX BD with Hardener BD
Tough elastic Polymer-Ceramic with high impact strength and cavitation resistance
VP 10-017 with Hardener VP 10-017
PolymerMetal for repair and maintenance of metals in the high temperature range
VP 10-500 with Hardener VP 10-500
PolymerMetal with a very low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties
Molymetall with Hardener Molymetall
One-component-material to seal metals, alloys and casting materials of all kinds
PolymerMetals for optical improvement of metallic components
MM-metal S-steel with Hardener S
Elastomer with rubber-like characteristics
MM-Elastomer 95 with Hardener EL95
PolymerMetals with plenty accessories for many different applications at versatile repair problems
Accessories for easier and extended application of MultiMetall-products
Measuring spoon yellow

Technical data sheets
Technical data sheet
MultiMetall supplies technical data sheets for all materials of the product range which include a product description, technical data, application instructions and information regarding chemical resistance, surface preparation, reinforcement, malleabilising, working security, storage conditions, package sizes & order numbers. All technical data sheets have been prepared as PDF-file for Adobe's "Acrobat Reader" both in German and English language. You can request them by clicking Contact form.

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