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History & Philosophy


MultiMetall was founded in 1974 by Reiner Schulze with its registered office in Germany and based on a company tradition dating back to the year 1886. MultiMetall concerns itself with the production of chemical-metallurgical products for the repair of metallic components.

With the development of the PolymerMetals within the period 1974 to 1980, optimum compounds were found. MultiMetall succeeded in uniting the positive characteristics of metal alloys, ceramics and polymers into one whole.

Problematic repairs or contaminated surfaces were, for the first time, no longer unpredictable - whether on grease, fuel or under water. Today, direct-MM-bonding counts as one of MultiMetall's significant technological developments.

In 1990, the laboratory phase of an organic PolymerMetal for the temperature range up to 550 °C was completed. The quality standard, also in this specialist field was secured and VP 10-500 was brought into production.

A further new development of MultiMetall is MM-metal SS-steel 381, a PolymerMetal with excellent technical data, which can also be used as a construction material.

Reports, examinations and certificates from institutes and international classification societies serve to emphasize the competence of the research and development potential of MultiMetall.

Today, MultiMetall is a provider for all large industrial sectors and exports world-wide in more than forty countries. At the same time, MultiMetall is continuing to carry out intensive fundamental research into the creation of even better materials.


For engineers and decision makers, optimum material properties are a prerequisite since unexpected operational failures can cause expensive down time and result in high losses. In addition companies have to obey very strict environment conditions.

In order to meet these requirements, we develop and produce PolymerMetals at a high level - both today and in future.

Customer satisfaction and technical service form the qualitative goals of MultiMetall. Long-term sales experience ensures rapid shipment of our PolymerMetals world-wide. Added to this is our flexibility when taking customer wishes into account.

That's why every day more and more customers from the sectors of petrochemicals, energy, steel and ship building … are opting for MM-products for the most difficult repair tasks right across the world - from the desert heat to the artic cold.

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